Procs, Blocks and Lambdas

I was contemplating writing my own piece on the difference between ruby Blocks, Procs And Lambdas in an attempt to solidify my understanding. However, I found these two excellent articles that do a much better job than I could possibly do. So I thought I would post them here together for my own reference more than anything.

Ruby Procs and the Difference Between Them by Alan Skorkin

Jessica Kerr’s explanation is particularly interesting since she looks at the pitfalls of approaching ruby with a purest functional mind set. Specifically treating a block as a function.

Passing functions in Ruby: harder than it looks by Jessica Kerr

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Programming Language Trends

I stumbled upon Programming Language Trends by Drew Conway by accident today.

The end result is a funky visualisation of the popularity of programming languages by looking at their usage on Github and StackOverflow.

I found it interesting and thought others may also. Enjoy.

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The Ride to Conquer Cancer 2013

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Melanoma. Melanoma is very dangerous if not found early. Fortunately mine was found early and was a Clark Level I Melanoma. I since made a full recovery.

Cancer is something has touched many of my friends and family. My owne experience has spawned me on to try and make a difference. In 2012 I committed to The Ride To Conquer Cancer fund raiser. It was incredibly satisfying raising the funds and facing the challenge of the two day, 200km ride from Melbourne to Healesville.

This year my son and I have signed up to for The Ride To Conquer Cancer again. We will be cycling over 200km from Melbourne and through the Mornington Peninsula on the 26-27 October, 2013.

If you are like me and would like to see this horrible disease conquered, sponsor either my son or my self on this epic ride.

You can donate to either one of us by clicking on one of the below links….

Donate to Andy’s Epic ride

Donate to Joby’s Epic ride

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